Jennifer Ball
Medieval Art and Material Culture of the Mediterranean
GC Faculty Bio

Claire Bishop
Contemporary Art and Theory
GC Faculty Bio / Academic Commons Profile / Academia.edu

Emily Braun
20th-Century European and American Art
GC Faculty Bio

Anna Chave
Contemporary Art and Theory, 20th-Century European and American
GC Faculty Bio / annachave.com

Romy Golan
20th-Century European Art
GC Faculty Bio / Academia.edu

Marta Gutman
American Architecture and Urbanism
GC Faculty Bio

Mona Hadler
20th-century European and American Painting and Sculpture
GC Faculty Bio

Cynthia Hahn
Medieval Art
GC Faculty Bio

Anna Indych-López
20th-Century Latin American Art
GC Faculty Bio

David Joselit
Modern and Contemporary Art
GC Faculty Bio

Barbara Lane
Northern Renaissance Art
GC Faculty Bio

Gail Levin
20th-Century and Contemporary Art
GC Faculty Bio

Rose-Carol Washton Long
19th and 20th-Century European Art
GC Faculty Bio

John Maciuika
Modern Architecture
GC Faculty Bio

Katherine Manthorne
Art of the United States, Latin America, and Their Cross-Currents, 1750-1950
GC Faculty Bio

Antonella M. Pelizzari
19th- and 20th-Century History of Photography
GC Faculty Bio

James Saslow
Renaissance Art and Theater
GC Faculty Bio

Harriet F. Senie
Contemporary American Art
GC Faculty Bio

Judy Sund
Modern European Art (18th through 20th-Centuries) and Art of the Americas (Pre-Columbian to Modern)
GC Faculty Bio

Siona Wilson
Post-War and Contemporary Art, the History of Photography, Experimental Film, and Feminist Theory
GC Faculty Bio

Amanda Wunder
16th- and 17th-Century Spanish Art; Early Modern European Textiles and Fashion
GC Faculty Bio


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