New Faculty Publications: Romy Golan in October, Siona Wilson in Brooklyn Rail

We’re happy to see that Professor Romy Golan in October‘s newly-released special issue on artist-designed exhibitions. Entitled Vitalità del negativo/Negativo della vitalità, Golan’s article examines a 1970-71 exhibition that revived an ideologically loaded site in Rome under the mantle of contemporary art. Admittedly, the whole issue looks fantastic, so we encourage anyone interested in the field of exhibition history to peruse!

On a related note, Professor Golan will be participating in the upcoming conference “The State of Postwar Italian Art History Today,” with the talk “Switchbacks in Italian Art of the 1960s.” The conference will be held at Italian Modern Art center in New York on February 9 – 10, 2015. Click here for the full schedule and to register!

Also, Professor Siona Wilson recently contributed to the Brooklyn Rail’s ongoing Held Essays on Visual Art Series with “Troubled Sleep, Sugar High,” an article that considers Kara Walker’s recent installation at Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Factory in relation to questions of labor and digital image economies.