This Friday at the GC: 2015 Byzantine Studies Conference, Cynthia Hahn Book Launch

The Byzantine Studies Conference, to be held from October 22-25 in NYC, will come to the Graduate Center on Friday, October 23, thanks to Professor Jenn Ball and the generous support of the Art History Department and the Applied Research Collaborative at the GC.

At 10:45 on Friday, Professor Ball will chair a panel entitled  “Angels, Saints, and Burial.” Papers will include Catherine Taylor, “The Matrilineal Cord: An Early Christian Representation of Rahab in the Via Latina Catacomb as Evidence for Her Virtuous Election”; Alison Poe, “The Deceased & the Paralytic on the Bethesda Sarcophagi”; & Amy Gillettee, “The Music of Angels in Byzantine Art”

At 5 PM, there will be a book launch in the Graduate Center Art History lounge for Professor Cynthia Hahn’s Saints and Sacred Matter: The Cult of Relics in Byzantium and Beyond. Published by Harvard University Press and edited Hahn and Holger Klein, Saints and Sacred Matter explores the embodied aspects of the divine―physical remains of holy men and women and objects associated with them. Enshrined in sumptuous metal, ivory, or stone containers, relics formed an important physical and spiritual bond between heaven and earth, linking humankind to their saintly advocates in heaven.

At 10:45 on Saturday, Professor Hahn will present her paper “Catching Sight of Relics—Changes in Reliquaries and Display” at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus.

See here for the full conference schedule.