The 2015-16 Alumni Newsletter Out Now

Congratulations to all our students for surviving the end of the semester! As we look forward to next fall,  the new Alumni Newsletter rounds up Art History program news from the 2015-16 academic year, including recent student and faculty awards, publications, symposia, and another achievements, as well as updates from our accomplished alumni. In her letter of introduction, executive officer Rachel Kousser writes:

The 2015-16 academic year, executive officer  has been a busy one for faculty and students alike, with an exciting new cohort of incoming student s, as well as student-organized symposia, exhibitions, ten (!) dissertation defenses, and retirements. We welcomed our 2015 cohort of nine students this August and they have settled in nicely. They bring a wealth of experience to the program in diverse fields including art appraisal, teaching, curating, and law…Currently we are finalizing our incoming class of 2016. It’s an exciting year, with students coming from Peru and Poland, Britain and the United States, and specialties ranging from transatlantic Early Modern, to 19th century France, to contemporary film. Stay tuned for our student profiles of them in next year’s alumni newsletter.

Read the whole Alumni Newsletter here!