Student News: Doctoral Candidate Siwin Lo to Represent The Graduate Center at the IFA/Frick Symposium

On Friday, April 27, Siwin will give her paper “Becoming Digital, Becoming Textile: Medium and Mediation in the Lives of The Tree,” which draws on her research on abstraction and appropriation in the work of Agnes Martin, Sherrie Levine, Yayoi Kusama, and Bridget Riley.

For more than half a century, The Frick Collection  and the Institute of Fine Arts have hosted a symposium for graduate students in art history. The symposium offers candidates the opportunity to deliver original research papers in a public forum and to engage with colleagues in the field — novice and expert. The full schedule of this year’s proceedings can be viewed here.

[pictured: Agnes Martin, The Tree, 1964, courtesy WikiArt Visual Art Encyclopedia]