Student News: Amanda Wasielewski’s Book “Made in Brooklyn: Artists, Hipsters, Makers, Gentrifiers” Coming June 29

Published by Zero Books, Made in Brooklyn is a belated critique of the Maker Movement: from its origins in the nineteenth century to its impact on labor and its entanglement in the neoliberal economic model of the tech industry. Part history, part ethnography, Made in Brooklyn provides a unified analysis of how the tech industry has infiltrated artistic practice and urban space.

Amanda Wasielewski is an artist doctoral candidate in Art History at the Graduate Center CUNY.  She is a Lecturer in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam and has previously taught at Lehman College and the Spitzer School of Architecture at City College in New York. She has exhibited her artwork internationally at venues including De Hallen Museum, De Appel Arts Centre, and Bloomberg New Contemporaries. Her writing has appeared in the journals History of Photography and Peregrinations, the Towner, 3:AM Magazine, and Peer Paper Matters.