Friday, August 31: Early Research and Scholarship Conference

Congratulations to the many Art History students presenting at the Graduate Center’s fifth annual Early Research and Scholarship Conference, which features recipients of fellowships funded by the Provost’s office: the Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies, the Award for Archival Research in African American and African Diaspora Studies, and the Pre-Dissertation Summer Research Awards. In addition the to student presentations listed below, two panels will be moderated by Art History faculty: Claire Bishop will chair the panel “Art at the Crossroads,” and Rachel Kousser  will chair “Art, Place, Corporeality.”

Dana Liljegren: L’art de la poubelle: Récupération and Politics of Trash in Senegalese Art, 1970–2010
Christopher Green: Masked Moderns: Native Art of the Pacific Northwest, 1960-1990
Rachel Valinsky: Performative Matter: The Object in Performance, 1960-1980
Maya Harakawa: After the Renaissance: Art and Harlem during the Urban Crisis
Jessica Larson: “Let Us Cross Over the River”: Franco-American Artistic Exchange and the Image of American Nationhood during Reconstruction
Ian Wallace: Conservation after Conceptualism, 1963–1988
Caroline Gillaspie: Fueling America: Images of 19th-Century Coffee Consumption
Joseph Henry: Astonishing Objectivity: Expressionism, Sachlichkeit, and the Figure in Wilhelmine Germany
Siwin Lo: From Abstraction to Appropriation: Authorial Maneuvers in
Geometric Painting, 1959–89
Remi Poindexter: Slavery and Daily Life in Marius-Pierre Le Masurier’s Paintings of Martinique
Maria Quinata: Black Reverberations: Black British Artists and the Frontlines of Resistance
Blair Brooks: Heinz Berggruen: Dealing and Collecting Modern Art in the
Shadow of World War II
Whitney Graham: Contested Modernisms: Print culture in Post-Revolutionary Mexico, 1920-1940